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Botox new patient experience

Call us and we will work with you for a wrinkle free smile. 612 789 8346

What !!! $5 a unit not on Botox but!!!! Call for current specials

$5 / unit on Xeomin ( first 15 units ) than 10 dollars a unit after that. Frown =  $125 Crows feet = $165 Forehead = $50 to $75 This deal is expired

Botox Party call now

People call it a Botox party or a dysport Party etc. We call it a Neurtoxin event. Why the difficult name? Botox etc is amazing but serious business. 1. Frown for $180 ( $60 saving) 2. Crows feet for $230 ( $80 saving). 3. The Unlimited . Unlimited neurotoxins for $2000 dollars for a years […]

Metro Vein and Cosmetic Surgery to LiposuctionMN Clinic

Metro Vein and Cosmetic Surgery has out grown it’s name. We have reverted back to our origins, Metro Vein Clinic PA. Liposuction and aesthetic medical Spa services will be performed under the banner of LiposuctionMN clinic. Our philosophy, doctors, ownership and staff are the same. Call 612.789.8346 to make an appointment

Call for new special on fillers and neurotoxin for Burnsville and Fridley Medspa

Fillers and neurotoxins We are bringing our world class expertise of fillers and neurotoxins to Fridley and Burnsville. Appointments start from August 1st and you have to call 612.789.8346 for non advertised specials. Savings of upto $300. Call 612.789.8346

We have served the Minneapolis/St Paul twin city area for more than 6 years. The treatments are provided by our on-site Board Certified Physicians, because you deserve the best care. Unlike other practices all blog posts, Facebook posts, Instagram posts are written by Dr Afzal. If you would like to set up an initial consultation , click here or give us a call now  at 651-393-9444