Liposuction MN

LiposuctionMN clinic performs liposuction with principle taught by Dr Klein who pioneered the in-office liposuction technique. Dr Klein has been teaching these techniques since the 1980’s to other dermatological surgeons and plastic surgeons.

Dr Afzal was personally trained by Dr Klein and Dr Burris is a world class dermatalogic surgeon has taught at the Mayo Clinic. Our Board certified doctors and RNs work on a daily basis to improve techniques leading to better results and safer procedures.

LiposuctionMN Clinic offers state of the art, in office, body contouring under local anesthesia. We offer competitive prices

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How much does it cost?

Most patients spend about $2600 to $4000 for a combination of abdomen and waist. There are no hidden costs. You get to see your specific doctor and nurse on the first visit. Our patients have a better experience because they choose us. We hold their hand through out the process and our reviews speak volume to our work ethic.

Conveniently located, Saturday appointments:

We have clinics in Fridley, Plymouth and Burnsville. We are able to ensure that top-notch care is convenient and minutes from your doorstep. We offer Saturday appointment for our patients with busy schedules.


Get rid of the unwanted bulges:

If you have a bulging belly, flabby arms, bulging thighs, enlarged breasts or a body part with excess fat. An area that doesn’t respond to weight loss, diet or exercise, call us. The specialists at the The Metro Clinics are here to contour your body and shape your confidence.

Why not laser liposuction?

When our patients ask us about laser liposuction I refer them to the following link-  Laser Lipo gone bad.  These are pictures of real people with real bad outcomes. In our eyes these are unacceptable outcomes.

We use smaller cannulas  causing minimal scarring:

During liposuction, fat deposits from beneath the skin are removed using a hollow stainless steel tube called a cannula. Our In-Office Liposuction technique uses smaller cannulas than Laser liposuction, Smart Liposuction, Vaser and Tickle Liposuction. This leads to less discomfort, minimal or no scarring, quick recovery, and smoother results. We only use local anesthesia, which greatly reduces the risks and complications associated with liposuction treatments. When we say quick recovery listen to the review done right after Liposuction.

We perform liposuction under local anesthesia:

Liposuction is performed under local anesthesia using a technique called tumescent anesthesia. This special anesthesia was perfected by Dr. Jeffery Klein from California. Dr. Afzal has personally trained with Dr. Klein. If you would like to set up an initial consultation or speak directly with one of our doctors, click here or give us a call now  at 612.326. 6390


Office based liposuction abdomen and outer thighs after 10 days


3 months after Liposuction. You can barely see the areas used to access the body fat