Medical Spa and Facial Treatments in the Minneapolis, MN Area

Facial Treatments

Whether you are fighting acne or want to turn back time on your aging face, Metro Vein and Cosmetic Surgery is here to help. We offer services to areas like Minneapolis, Minnetonka, Wayzata and Maple Grove, providing you with the facial treatments you need to restore your beauty. Even the most minor treatment can do wonders for your inner confidence and outer appearance!
When you come to Metro Vein and Cosmetic Surgery’s med spa, you will enjoy a boutique experience like no other. Our board-certified physician, Dr. Alia Sharif, performs all procedures, ensuring you receive the finest treatment available.


Restore your facial beauty with our healthy filler treatments designed to eliminate signs of aging. Whether you want to soften your wrinkles or fill in contours, our derma fillers will provide fast results.

Acne Treatment

Stop letting your acne dictate your beauty. We will put an end to your persistent acne so your true facial beauty can shine through.

IPL Facial Vein Treatment

Are you struggling, and failing, to ignore your facial veins? Want to eliminate the signs of spider veins around your face? With our IPL facial vein treatment, you can say goodbye to those veins for good!


With this advanced technology, you can experience skin rejuvenation like never before. From skin resurfacing to skin tightening to color evening, our Laser360 technology can do it all.

Collagen 360

This innovative facial masque will provide the immediate, fast, and long-lasting results you want. With improved facial appearance and skin firmness, you can enjoy the youthful confidence you deserve.


Want a facial treatment that will eliminate wrinkles without the mess of surgery? We offer Botox treatments that can significantly improve the overall appearance of your face in just a few days.


When you use our Juvéderm treatments, you can turn back the clock without surgery or recovery time! You will see fast results as wrinkles and frown lines quickly disappear.


Want thicker, fuller eyelashes? Try Latisse today! You will see noticeable results after just a few treatments.


Do you struggle with grayish brown patches on your face? Are there noticeably darker patches on your chin, forehead or cheeks? We can help treat your melasma symptoms and restore your skin to its glowing beauty!


Are you constantly trying to conceal your red, splotchy skin? From facial redness to bumps and pimples, our physicians know how to treat your rosacea symptoms.

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